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The company operates in the field of construction works with many years of experience and highly trained staff, we undertake all types of construction works. We undertake the creation of the frame of a building made of reinforced concrete, i.e. concrete and iron. The construction of the frame is done in 3 phases.





The iron reinforcements

The first phase involves placing the iron reinforcements in the intended positions (ironing). The reinforcements are a set of different pieces of steel bars which should be properly shaped before their final integration into the building. This configuration includes cutting and bending operations, which are done using corresponding special machines.







The second phase involves placing the molds (moulding). Due to the fact that concrete is produced in liquid form, its injection is required to be done in molds. Molds are essentially hollow (hollow) forms usually made using wood. In addition, their robustness must be ensured, so that there is no risk of them moving, deforming or opening during the injection of the concrete.





The third phase includes the injection (pouring) of the concrete or otherwise concreting. After the concrete is injected into the molds, the process of "vibrating" the concrete follows, which is done to compact the concrete, removing entrapped air from its mass. If any air remained it would create voids in the concrete resulting in a reduction in the strength of the concrete. When the concreting process is completed, the very important maintenance work immediately begins.




The foundation


The important role of the foundation in the success of the whole construction. The foundation is the bottom element of the load-bearing structure through which all the loads are transferred to the ground. The type and form of the foundation is usually determined by the type of the Carrier Organization. Nowadays concrete is almost exclusively the foundation material, we distinguish two main categories of foundations: surface and deep foundations.



Concrete columns 


Reinforced concrete columns are made of heavy, durable concrete and specially reinforced reinforcement. They are used to support elements in the construction of structures of various dimensions and complexity. The main use is to make frames for buildings.